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Today and each fourth week you will receive an e-mail to renew, edit or cancel your car ad. We do not display, sell, spam or misuse e-mail addresses in any way. Please, cancel your ad the day the car is sold. Nobody wants outdated advertisements. You are adviced to write in English as is read by potential buyers in several countries. Thank you.

1) Do not include the country prefix, but include any state prefix as in the USA. For example, in France, you specify postal code "11350", not "F-11350". In Texas USA, you specify "TX 75202".
2) The three letters following the price is the local currency code of the choosen country. Use the default or see our country overview for currency codes and the currency rates.
3) If you do not submit a picture, general pictures of the model will be used. Submitted picture files must be in .jpg format and have a width between 200 and 1024 pixels. By submitting a picture, you allow CarsPlusPlus to use this picture for general car presentations. Specify any copyright holder in the ©-field. Please, do not submit pictures you do not have the legal rights to use.

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