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Volkswagen cars for sale Volkswagen cars for sale
All Volkswagen cars advertised for sale in all countries Car Classifieds have the following Volkswagen cars for sale worldwide. You can also search for particular cars in a specific country. The car name is a link to more information such as price, equipment, technical specifications, and usually pictures. No advertisement on is more than 4 weeks old unless it has been explicitly renewed by the seller.

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Advertise your car on our highly efficient "car for sale"-site. All ads are free with free renewals. Your car gets high quality exposure and you do not have to bother with a digital picture yourself. If you want to buy a car, sign up for e-mail notifications when cars suiting your requirements are advertised for sale. We have a high number of visitors. Our Online Car Catalog has one of the highest hit rates for car sites on the net.

No Volkswagen cars for sale currently. Check back soon as we have just opened this service. Or sign up for e-mail notifications when Volkswagen cars are advertised in your country. See the bottom of the page.

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Sign up for e-mail notifications when Volkswagen cars are advertised. Fill in your e-mail address. Please, check the spelling. Use our regular search to limit the models of interest. You can easily unsubscribe. does not display or misuse e-mail addresses.
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Recently sold cars as market information

Below is a list of used cars sold recently. Use these ads to see what has has been on the second-hand market and the prices wanted.

Volkswagen cars soldConditionMilageCountry
2009 Volkswagen Polo Classic 1.4 TrendlineNormal181000 milesSouth Africa
2006 Volkswagen Citi Golf 1.4iClean321800 kmSouth Africa
2008 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 ComfortlineClean143201 kmSwaziland
You can sign up for daily e-mail notifications of Volkswagen cars advertised in your country.

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